Sunday, December 1, 2013

Winter wonderland

The weather outside was frightful but we found some time to enjoy it. In the classroom we spoke of animals who also adapt to the white wonderland. Before we went out to play the children helped me label what items we needed to put on to adapt to the cold. My item - the flip flops was shut down. Those children are too smart!  Luckily I was prepared for the response the children would offer so I held up pictures. When it was time I go I used the photos to remind the children of the order outdoor clothes go on.

1) outside shoes off
2) snow pants
3) scarf
4) coat
5) hat
6) boots
7) mittens 

Once dressed we used the canvas white snow to display our art. We used spray bottles (sometimes its hard to use with mittens but an amazing fine motor skill to strengthen out hands to hold pencils), squirt bottles and paint brushes with coloured water  

When it did get too cold to go outside we decided to just bring the snow inside.

The great thing about offering children materials with a blank slate is that they can really enjoy process art. Process art is so amazing and really my preferred art experience. It creates an opportunity for the children to really become creative and enjoy the materials. 

In the class we decided we would continue enjoying open ended art experiences. I offered the children pastel colours of paint and tin foil to play with on a paper plate. 

For a few they tried not to get their fingers dirty and used only the tinfoil to make prints. 

Others really enjoyed getting the tinfoil messy - while others enjoyed getting their hands right in the paint!

The children had so much fun and made some beautiful pieces. 

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We celebrated at Capilano Playschool by joining many local early child development programs for a concert at St. Gabriel's elementary with Lee & Sandy. 


Ms Asha 

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