Sunday, December 8, 2013

Looking a lot like Christmas

With December on a roll, the children are very busy. I look forward to all of the activities we have coming our way, including cookie making, watching the "big kids" do their Christmas songs, singing our songs for the seniors, and our big class Christmas party!

We decorated our classroom. It's so much fun to make the house center look like a Christmas home.

Inside we have a tiny tree the children are allowed to decorate and undecorate, building our fine motor skills.

We also get to make Christmas cookies!!

Our favorite activity is still playing with the squishy window clings.

And of course those non provicated moments in life where the real magic in play happens.

Ms Jenn came back to visit the Health & Wellness program!
She brought yoga mats that Moksha Yoga Edmonton donated! 
We sure were excited when we ALL had our own mats to use.

Ms Jenn read us The Giving Tree
Ms Jenn comes with lots of very activities such as games, books and new words. Our new word is Namaste.

Namaste Ms Jenn!

Celebration Center

We had our first Chapel at school this Month. It was full of important conversations such as the advent, and how we prepare ourselves to celebrate Jesus' birthday.

In preparation for our Nativity Play, we brought our adorable Little People Nativity set.

I could hear the children reciting their lines, sharing characters, and telling the story over and over as they enjoyed all of the toys.

This is our beautiful back drop for our Nativity Play.
The children were sensational, and warmed all of our hearts.
They continue to amaze us with their love for the coming of Jesus. 


Ms Asha

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