Sunday, December 1, 2013

Hibernate, migrate and adapt

To wrap up our Hibernate, Migrate or Adapt unit Mr Ollie - our classroom puppet Mr Ollie asked us for a favor. He asked the Playschoolers if they could go into Hardisty and invite 8 of his friends to his Birthday. As we embarked on our adventure through the halls we sadly found out that his friends were away or sleeping!

are you home humming bird?

We found out:

The butterfly migrates
The hummingbird migrates
The goose migrates
The robin migrates
The black bear hibernates
The frog hibernates
The ground hog hibernates
The snake hibernates

The children were so smart, shouting out the answers when Ms Asha couldn't figure out why Miss Butterfly didn't answer when we knocked.

The children felt bad for Mr Ollie, that his friends were either hibernating or had migrated. Many commented on how he would be sad, and some tried to plan a second birthday when his friends are home. We told Mr Ollie that even though his friends couldn't come, that we would love to come. He was so excited about the idea!

We sang happy birthday to Mr Ollie, and he shared small cupcakes with us!

Ms Asha loves small cupcakes. It's important to teach children moderation, and although we are a health and wellness program, we understand it is healthy to have special deserts on special birthdays. These small cupcakes are a great tiny portion. I also am happy that the children can easily pull the wrappers off themselves. We love real life oppurtunities that promote fine motor skills and independence.

Before we left, Mr. Ollie gave us birthday blow items! Believe it or not, these fun and cheap toys are GREAT for speech development. They teach round lips for words such as /w/, oo and /o/. It teaches tongue positioning and strengthening for the /k/, /g/ and ng sounds. It strengthens abdominal muscles to increase sentance length - and best of all they're so much fun to blow.

Strong abdominal muscles can help increase sentence length - See more at:
position and strengthen the tongue correctly for the /k/, /g/, and ng sounds. - See more at:
position and strengthen the tongue correctly for the /k/, /g/, and ng sounds. - See more at:  

When we went to go to the gym to do some awesome "Birthday" games like duck duck goose we found out the Jr high kids were learning to dance with "Just Dance" on the wii. Thankfully, they invited us in to dance with them! Being in a k-9 has offered us so many amazing opportunities such as cooking in their home ec class and use their library.

What an amazing week!

Ms Asha

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  1. I got to be the parent helper this day - it was such a fun class! The kids loved the hunt for the animals, the big birthday party, and the dance party with the junior high children! 4 year olds have some sweet moves!