Friday, February 22, 2013

Will you be my valentine?

Pardon the late entry. For the beginning of February we learned about being good friends to our peers. How to share, use our words and take turns. This will be a life long adventure, but it was so wonderful to see it be exercised during our Valentines Week.

We molded and manipulated sparkly pink playdough. Playdough is a long time staple of fine motor development, using it to make small balls and snakes. It is also really helpful at exposing us to math (when we make the playdough using the measurements, and when we make patterns of hearts that match), and exercise our cognitive development.

We up-cycled paper towel rolls by using the circle shape and bending it in half which offered us a new familiar shape - a Heart! 


To prepare for our Valentine's Day party we made mail boxes for our Valentines!

It was very exciting to receive so many thoughtful notes and candies from our friends at Capilano Playschool. My heart warms to see the children take time to put effort into sharing their first Valentine's day cards, and learn the value of sharing and letting our friends know how much they mean to us.

I also taught the children a very old, very fun game in the gym! We all sat in a large circle with our hands behind our back. I chose my helping hand to go in the middle and hide their eyes. We then sang, "A tisket, a tasket, a green and yellow basket. I wrote a letter to my love and on the way I lost it. A little puppy picked it up and put it in its pocket." At that time I hid a small envelop behind a different child's back, and the child in the middle who was "it" had to guess who had the letter. It is a great game to get 2 children moving at once! The child who was in the middle, now gets to hide the letter behind a different child's back and the child who receives the letter will be the next child in the middle.

Christian Note:

We had our second Chapel on Monday, February 11th

First, we spent time learning some interactive songs about out love for one another and God.

It was really beautiful seeing the children use the ribbon to dance

Our local pastor, Pastor Patrick, who can be found at the Church on 99th in Edmonton AB, came and spend time talking with us and telling us such interesting stories.I always love hearing what he has to share with us about God, and his experiences.

We also had to help a Shepard find her lost lamb, Lamby. She was REALLY worried when she couldn't find him but was thankful to have our help. She reminded us that God is our Shepard, and will always find us and take care of us - especially when we feel lost.

Then, we got to make our OWN LAMB! We used Timbits, marshmallows & pretzels.
Thanks so much to our amazing community for coming in and sharing with us.


Ms Asha

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