Saturday, February 23, 2013

Bubble fun!

March 9-13 is National Bubble Week! We were super early this Friday, but it's a great way to get prepped for the week of bubbles, and get our spirits up for Spring!

On Friday, February 22nd we went to Edmonton's Telus World of Science for their 'Bubble Fun' program.
We were greeted by their kind staff, and brought to a room to meet a wonderful instructor - Jennifer!

Jennifer taught us some interesting things about bubbles. She told us bubbles are lazy, even if you use a square bubble blower the bubble will always come out as a circle, which is also called a sphere. Another interesting fact, bubbles also like to be wet. When you try to use anything dry to touch them - they will pop! But if you went your hands in bubble juice you can even touch bubbles. That was probably the best part, when we had opportunities to put our hands through the bubbles, or hold them in our hands.  
Last but not least, bubbles reflect light.Which, as one of our brilliant little ladies told Jennifer, means we can see rainbows in it. 

Once we were educated in the art of bubbles, Jennifer introduced us to our 6 centers.

  1. Bubble Painting - using coloured bubbles to make pictures we could take home
  2. Blubble Drawing  - blowing bubbles on laminated pictures of shapes like caterpillars and mice to cover the drawings with bubbles
  3. Bubble touching - putting our hands through the HUGE bubble maker - as well as using our hands to make bubbles by touching our fingers together.
  4. House Hold Bubbles - using items we find like funnels and spatulas to make bubbles
  5. Bubble Houses - making igloo dome houses for our tiny toys
  6. FREE BUBBLES - just use your straw to blow bubbles
From there we were offered our own diy straw bubble blowers, broke into groups and went to work.

It was a very well put together field trip, and one of my favorite ones of the year. 
I hope everyone had as much fun as I did.


Ms. Asha

Easy DIY bubble solution

1 gallon water
1/2 cup Dawn (or Joy) Dishwashing Liquid
1/4 cup glycerine (obtained from your local pharmacy)  

Note: Let solution sit over night.
To make the colourful bubbles just add food colour! Careful it doesn't stain clothes.

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