Sunday, February 3, 2013

Waves and Beaches

Going to West Edmonton Mall for our field trip last week was the perfect steppingstone for our ocean theme this week in class.

We enjoyed ocean theme toys in our sand table and in our centres (so much I plan to leave it out for another week). We have animals, sea shells and even a sea star!

We also enjoyed them in our sensory tub - a water center.

For craft we made oceans in a bottle. We were allowed to choose from various materials like rocks, sand and sea shells - which we all put in by ourselves! After we put it together a roster mom poured in water, food dye and baby oil. I hope the children are enjoying them at home.
Sensory bottles are great quiet activities. Other awesome sensory bottles include rice with various small toys eye spy, water and sparkles and baby oil with food dye.

Before the end of the day, in last circle we played some very fun games. Our first game was a story telling game. Each child took a turn to use their imagination and say "I went to the beach and I saw..." There were some excellent answers including beach balls, sharks, whales, and sand. We threw the beach ball around, and danced to some beach style music. The children are really fast at sitting down when I pause the music. I can't trick them!

Lastly, we did a listening activity where the children closed their eyes in the dark and listened to a "relaxing" application, in which I could play them ocean noises. They were really great at identifying the whales, seagulls and ocean tides.

Ocean themes are defiantly one of my favorite topics for us to cover.


Ms Asha

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