Sunday, January 27, 2013

Ocean Animals

On Friday,  January 25th 2013, some of the children went on a very neat field trip to the West Edmonton Mall marine life.
The reviews were very positive and I hope the children learned something new, and made fun memories.

Here are some of the photos!

Waiting for the field trip to begin with the "big ship"

The children got to feed sea turtles

Watching penguins play

Touching a Leather Sea Star

A Sea Cucumber. An interesting fact WEM told us, their spikes get smooth the longer they're out of water
Petting Sting Rays! Don't worry their stingers are gone

Watching the Sting Rays swim around

We met Skadu - an African Blackfoot Penguin

We're so excited to watch the sea lion show

We met Pablo. He could do amazing tricks!

Throwing hoops for Quinty, the female sea lion


Ms Asha

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