Thursday, January 24, 2013

Come on in!

Welcome to our playschool.

I’d like to show off the class for friends and family who are curious about the room the child they love comes too.

This is the room as a whole. Coming into this room in September was quite different. I really wanted it to inspire children. I feel this is important, and also wanted to make the room feel very natural and home like, which I embrace graduating from Grant Mac Ewan Early Childhood Development program, revised to Early Learning and Child care. It is important to me to embrace grace and beauty for the children.

This is where the children come in, are greeted by the Roster Parent, and myself. They hang their coats and say good bye to their guardian before joining their peers in the circle center. Sometimes the children come in and share pennies for our ongoing penny drive before pennies are extinct for good.

This is our circle center. This is where we read, do our concept games, sing our songs and dance our dances. This is where the children use their public speaking skills when they do show and share and offer guidance to their peers when they get to do the calendar and weather. It is so exciting to see the children count how many friends came to play, how many days are on our calendar and go to the window to tell us the weather.

Children enjoy block play, trains, and various toys in this play area of the room. The kids are not restricted to keep the toys in this center, as they can take the toy baskets out from either side, or bring them to other area of the room.

On the opposite side of the play space is our quieter book area. There is a listening center for the children to enjoy books being read to them. I rotate books according to themes, and ensure there are enough for each child – plus more! Note: In the "welcome to our room" photo you can see the outstanding job one of our moms did creating a cover for this children's couch. She did a phenomenal job!

We are SO lucky to have families who really put themselves and their families into our room. This is our house center, which was hand painted by a mom in our class! It really adds character to our room. The children love playing in this center with dress up clothes, play food and supportive props. Sometimes it is completely renovated to be something its not, such as a haunted house, Christmas Bake Shop and even a bear cave!

This is our designated writing center. It may not always have pencils and paper. At this time we are really focusing on the feeling of writing and texture of pre printing skills. It may have sensory objectives or tool use objectives such as pencils and paper. 

Other important functions of the room:
A sand table with an amazing cover
Tubs for sensory play and exploration
Puzzles and games
And our main tables we use for baking prep, theme games, snack, art and more!

Thank you for visiting our room!

Ms Asha

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