Thursday, January 17, 2013

Daddies day donuts

We are so fortunate when families can come in and spend time with us in playschool. Knowing they have such busy schedules and can not always make it in, we do enjoy when they get a chance.

This week we were extremely lucky to invite in our FATHERS (although Grandpas and moms stepped up to the plate if needed).
We talked about how “Fathers day” is a day we celebrate in June, but sadly we end school the first week of June so we decided to give them their own day in January.

We enjoyed parachute games before the fathers enjoyed a Tim Horton’s Donut and us little’s devoured our own Timbit.

The children also spent time telling me some things about their fathers, and finishing my sentences’ to create keep sakes for the children to give as gifts. The parents seemed to love it, and really had a laugh at some of the opinions the children had to the questions like:

My daddy’s name is
He is feet tall and inches
He weighs pounds
He likes to go to
His favourite food is
His favourite drink is
He is really good at

Thank you to all of the dads, moms and grandparents who came in.


Ms Asha

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