Sunday, May 5, 2013

Last week of Transportation

Sometimes I find amazing blogs that help me come up with circle activities such as this one.

Instead, I used baby jars we had in the class.
The children and I spoke about various ways for vehicles to get around. It was a comparable conversation to how animals get around, which we learned in January.

After talking about cars, trains and planes, the children went on a scavenger hunt to find pictures of various vehicles hidden in the room. One by one, the children share what they found by pronouncing "I found a ..." then match it to the correct option of transporting by water, air or land.
Once all of the children have had their turn we take the opportunity to share, we compare numbers. We identify which category has the most vehicles and which as the least. 

We learned:
  • Social studies (Geography)
  • Math (counting, comparing, classification)
    Turn taking - waiting for their own and waiting for others to take theirs
  • Public speaking
  • Speaking in first person to announce a need (I found a...)

We also used our fine motor skills to open and close clothes pins to take turns sharing how we had got to playschool that day.

We finished our letters this week! The children really enjoyed Handwriting without Tears program.

Using decorative sand to write letters we learned

Constable Brandon Shipplet came and met with the Tuesday/Thursday program this week. They were SO GOOD!
During show and share we practice W questions. Common questions are "where do you play with it" "where do you keep it when you're not using it" and "who gave it to you." The questions carried over to our visitors! They asked wonderful questions, such as where he keeps his gun when he's not using it.


Ms Asha

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