Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

This week we began talking about gardening and flowers.
In the class we had a chance to play with our own mini garden. We changed our house center into a garden, with dirt, watering cans, packaged seeds and gardening tools.

Letting children play with dirt offers a different sensory experience
from the normal sand sensory. Both with smell and texture

Carrying over from our "community helpers" theme, we had two come in this week. The first one was a mom of our program who is a Nurse. She was so smart! She told us about germs, which we referred to as "bugs".
We learned about how we can not see these bugs because they are so small. They are what makes us sick. They can be avoided when we use tissues for sneezes, or our elbow, and remembering to wash our hands.

To understand what she meant when she told us we couldn't see germs, she offered us some Vaseline that she put on our hands. We couldn't see the Vaseline on our hands! But when she showed us our hands with a black light we could see the Vaseline all over our hands - Gross!

To rid of the Vaseline, and germs, we need to wash our hands. She told us we should sing a little song like "twinkle twinkle" or our ABC's when we wash.
We should see the soap bubbles when we lather, and we should try to wash the back of our hands and under our nails.

This week was a very important and special week! It was the week before Mother's Day. We have a community of amazing moms! They are our community helpers, and they are always there for us. We love them very much.

First, we made a card for our moms. Some of us wrote inside of them, but all of us signed our names.

The card read "I love you to pieces"
The children would rip up construction paper to make smaller pieces, before gluing them inside of the heart.
Some children got really creative with it, and put their own personality into it.

She is making a picture of her mom!

Our other community helper, was a mom from my playschool, who approached me to help lead a special activity. She is a florist, and brought in fresh cut flowers and floral foam. Together, mothers and children, we placed the cut flowers into the floral foam.

We then placed the arrangements into terracotta pots we decorated, which said "Thank you for helping me grow" and had their finger prints as flowers on it.

We also enjoyed some Mother's day games, and activities.

Matching mothers with babies

To be community helpers, we spent the last of our day walking our playground to clean up the garbage left behind. The children did REALLY well doing this activity.
Thank you to all who helped us succeed.


Ms Asha

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