Sunday, March 10, 2013

Tails are not for pulling

On Friday, March 8th 2013, we went to the Edmonton Humane Society.
It was a spectacular field trip to expose children to various pets and how to care for them. The Edmonton Humane Society has created an extraordinary program for young children called tails are not for pulling..
Sadly, the smart board wasn't working so we all sat together and read the actual book.

We learned that animals have feelings, just like people! That they can feel happy, sad and scared. Sometimes when animals are scared they may growl and bite. They taught us how important it is to not touch a strangers pet  in case they like their space - but ask "may I pet your pet?"
After, the SPCA staff brought out various pets for us to meet. The playschool children did extremely well using their words to ask permission to touch the animals.

First, we met Nevel the guinea pig.

"May I pet your pet?"

Next we met Francis, the Bearded Dragon!
He was not as soft as Nevel. We know that is because he is a lizard, and guinea pigs are mammals. Nevel had hair which was soft, but Francis has rough scaly skin.
Some playschool friends were not as excited to pet Francis.
The parents were brave and pet Francis as well.

The last class pet we met was Edgar the ferret.
The children really liked him as well.

Edgar made us laugh when we found out if you hold him by the scruff of his neck it makes him yawn and get sleepy.

After the presentation, we were allowed to have a tour of the facility. It is a gorgeous center which can home many animals until they are adopted. It was amazing to see the baby puppies before they are placed out for the public to adopt.

It's sad to see so many animals in the need of new families, but it really is peaceful to know that the Edmonton Humane Society is such a wonderful place for them to stay at for a short term.


Ms Asha

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  1. Great field trip! What a great way for children to learn about caring for pets and also to not fear pets. We don't have pets at our home so I really appreciated the opportunity for my son!