Sunday, March 17, 2013

Luck of the Irish

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

During our week the children and I spent time talking about St. Patrick's Day. We pointed out where Ireland is on the map in our circle center. Once we began playing, the children noticed a basket with items in it and a note that read:

 The children were very excited to be left gifts from the Leprechauns. They enjoyed the toys during play time and in our gym time where we played "what time is it Mr. Leprechaun?"

We also read some St. Patrick's day books! It helped me explain the personality traits of a Leprechaun, which can be hard when playing make believe. 

Our creative expressions experience was a lot of fun this week, when the children got to get really messy!
Our first craft let the children do a lot of mixing. We mixed white paint and white glue to create a sticky paint. We also mixed that white paint on the paper with some yellow paint. It's always exciting to have the permission to PLAY in the paint. After mixing and painting, the children added gold sparkles, foam stickers and picture stickers.

Lastly, we sat down and explained to the children about what "lucky" meant. I told our preschool friends that being lucky is having something we don't HAVE to have. We have to breath, and stay healthy, but we are lucky to have good friends, family (and in our Mon/Wed class - God and Jesus). Feeling lucky makes your heart and tummy warm, and makes you happy.
Then, we asked the children what made them feel lucky, and added it to our art.

The answers were ADORABLE
Our second craft of the week was a pot of gold!
The children were told the story of how a Leprechaun's job is to hide gold at the end of rainbows, under shamrocks and 4 leaf clovers.We took the time to decorate our own rainbow to a pot of gold with our hands.


Ms Asha

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