Saturday, September 26, 2015

Welcome to our new room

The playschool recently moved into a new room. It has already proven itself to be a better room based on the floor space allowing groups of children to spread out, play in a much bigger play house and having a large meeting table for snack instead of little group tables. We are closer to a washroom, and have neighbours who enjoy seeing us in the hallways. It even comes with a large West wall of windows. This week child has been keeping a tally whenever she sees someone walking out of the large building. We see community members, animals and children playing from our school. We cannot wait to use it for other activities, creative expressions and observations.


Our train table is a popular area where we gather. It helps is work on social skills (such as turn taking, sharing and working together to make the flow of the trains work) geography, spacial awareness, math, architectural design and obviously, being train conductors!

Building third dimensional cubes! We had to count out how many balls and sticks we needed to create the structure. 

Our register is our new favorite magnet board. Good thing it only blows out cool air, and doesn't get hot. 

New to the room is a doll house. Perfect for our ponies, calico critters and little people.

Our wishing tree where parents write their wishes for the preschoolers for their playschool year.

Our block shelf and puzzle toys.

Light table and reading area

Playing with playdough making (ordering, classifying and counting) apples. 

Much will change as we nest in our new classroom. I look forward to help from the children as we make this classroom perfect. Thank you to all of our families who took time to help with the move, and help set up. 

Ms Asha 

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