Thursday, June 20, 2013

So long - fare well

I'm sorry for the lack of updating. Advocating for an opinion and voice for this lease hike has been very important. Sadly it's kept me from updating.
Through the summer I will continue to sporadically update the blog with fun summer crafts and useful information.

A few photos before summer ended:

We went to visit Ms. Peters Kindergarten room! The kinders were so warm to us and took great care of the preschoolers. I hope the ones who are moving up will feel very excited after our visit.

The Tues/Thurs class had a chance to meet our very own YOGA teacher for next year, Ms Jenn

The children all got together to collaborate a gift to Hardisty School for being so wonderful to us all year!

Our class is all cleaned up, ready for the floors to be cleaned.

And for the first exciting summer programming craft idea I found this on pintrest.

Ms Asha

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