Sunday, December 9, 2012

Yoga in the Classroom!

As one of our field trips, we brought in Melissa from True Yoga in Edmonton. She came for two sessions in a row, and I was so happy to see the children get down on the floor and have some fun.

Yoga is very good for children for various reasons.
·         It helps children reach full potential of flexibility and encourages them to keep flexible for life
·         Strengthens the core of your body for good posture, strong bodies, and better balance, body awareness and coordination
·         Offers pressure on parts of the body that doesn’t often get pressure (top of the head) and offers stretches to body parts that aren’t easy to stretch (shoulders, hips, etc)
·         Encourages a calming affect on children’s bodies and mind
·         Develops a strong and flexible body
·         Reduces stress and anxiety

The children and families really enjoyed spending time with Melissa doing yoga.
My favourite part of both sessions over all was the amount of laughter I heard from the parents and children. It was rewarding and very much music to my ears. I also enjoyed the confidence I saw build in the children when they realised what their bodies were capable of doing and how flexible they were.

Melissa was AWESOME! She really understood how to entertain the children while enjoying yoga


Ms Asha

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